Frederick Iat-Hin Tam

Project Research Assistant

Curriculum vitae

[email protected]

Meteorology Building - C205
National Taiwan University
No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, 10617, Taiwan


Identifying Critical Mechanisms Sustaining Nocturnal Storms: Role of Microphysics and Environmental Moisture (2016-2019; 2021-)

Precipitation from nocturnal MCSs is critical to the agricultural industry in the U. S. Great Plains. In this project, a combination of observation, reanalysis, and modeling was used to understand why some storms sustain longer than others.

Diagnose hard-to-observe storm characteristics with radar observables (2020-2021)

Storm kinematic/thermodynamic characteristics are important but often hard to observe. In this project, we analyzed 74.5 hours of radar data to explore the feasibility of using a novel radar observable to diagnose the hard-to-observes.

Evaluating model depiction of boundary layer diurnal cycles over a subtropical island (2021-)

A validating study to test what WRF configurations best emulate observed BL evolution. My task in this project is to develop a simple algorithm that identifies BL height from lidar data.

Convective Organization and Precipitation Processes in Near-Saturated Subtropical Environments (2021-)

In early June 2021, we acquired high temporal resolution radiosonde measurements (even under soft lock-down!) on the pre- and post-storm environment on two shear-paralleled MCSs in near-saturated environment.